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Boiler Solutions

Our cutting-edge boiler solutions optimize efficiency, ensure reliability, and guarantee compliance with eco-friendly technologies. Tailored to your needs, our customizable systems are designed for seamless integration. Elevate your plant’s performance.

Efficient, High Quality Products

The products we carry all work with similar end goals in mind: safe and efficient operation. If a piece of equipment is damaged, outdated, or improperly maintained, chances are it is operating inefficiently, which can increase your operation costs.

  • Hot water boilers, condensing & non-condensing type
  • Steam boilers, Firebox & Scotch Marine
  • Deaerator and condensate recovery systems
  • Pumps for chilled water, hot water, & condensate systems
  • Steam system components & accessories

Our knowledgeable team members can find the best products for your commercial needs, such as boiler room spare parts in Oklahoma at Federal Corp.

One of our top recommendations to maximize your dollar is with routine service and maintenance. Our dedicated service team helps our customers towards success with our service options.

  • Boiler Maintenance & Repair
  • Controls Configuration
  • Equipment Selection
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Fuel Train Support
  • Pump Maintenance & Repair
  • Steam Trap Survey

Get Help With Your Boiler and Design Needs

Don’t hesitate to call Federal; we’re here to help! Learn more about our boiler room products and services.