Electric Condensate Pumps in Oklahoma City

Electric Condensate Pumps & Receivers

A condensate pump is used to collect and return condensate directly to a deaerator/boiler feed tank.

It is always controlled by the float switch within its receiver and is never controlled by the boiler mounted level controller.

The condensate is pumped only when its receiver is full and not on boiler water level demand. On the other hand, boiler feed pumps are always controlled by the water level controller. Federal Corporation stocks a wide range of pumps and receivers to meet the needs of our customers. We understand every application is unique and requires attention to multiple factors that impact what pump and receiver combination is best for your application.

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Electric Condensate Pumps & Receivers

Pumps & Receivers

When selecting a condensate receiver and pump(s) we need to gather some application specific data, not only to help us select the proper size receiver and pump(s) for your system demands but also considering the footprint or available space for installation.

The critical data to consider when selecting your condensate receiver/pump(s):

  • System demand (lbs./HR of condensate)
  • Temperature of condensate at the receiver
  • Available space for installation
  • Available power supply
  • System head pressure
  • Simplex (single pump) or duplex (2 pumps).

Electric Condensate Pumps & Receivers

Performing Equipment

The most common mistake that leads to early pump failure and/or poorly performing equipment is oversizing the pumps due to miscalculating system head pressure. To help reduce the risk of pump cavitation always put a “throttling valve” downstream of the pump(s) discharge with a PSI gauge for reading and setting a desired backpressure.

For more great advice on accessories we recommend on every package please see tech tip #31.

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