Controls Configuration in Oklahoma

Controls Configuration

Configuration for your safety and ease of use.

Controls are arguably the most important component to thermal energy systems.

They are integral to safety and functionality. It’s important that your controls are configured correctly. We offer services for controls configuration in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and surrounding areas to deliver our expert service.

How It Works

SIL Ratings

We live up to Safety Instrumented Logic rating for controls configuration, which are a safety level that the controls computer must be at.


Our professionals will “tune” the configuration of your controls to meet your needs and safety standards. We understand that controls are a part of running efficiently, and we work hard to get you set up for success.

Federal Sells Solutions

Federal is more than just another supply house—we provide personalized solutions to meet your controls configuarion needs. Our hallmark since 1918 has been service and expertise both before and after the sale. We have long-standing relationships with the factories we represent, and we believe the equipment we offer is the very best in the industry. Contact our knowledgeable sales staff to find the solution that’s right for you.

In addition, our wholly-owned subsidiary, Federal Services, is ready to support you 24/7/365 with boiler controls and industrial burner management offerings. From installation and integration to optimization and inspection, our dedicated team has the experience and knowledge to keep your systems running at their peak performance. View our Federal Services for more information.

Meet Federal Corp

Benefits of Federal Corp's Controls Configuration

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Safety is priority 

Federal Corp is 100% safety oriented. We know our products and services are integral to safety, including controls, and we work hard to make sure that no one is harmed on our watch. We believe if you’re 1% off on safety, you’ve failed. We uphold these values with our controls configuration in Oklahoma.

Benefits of Federal Corp's Controls Configuration

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Highly trained and experienced team

The professionals at Federal Corp are highly trained in the field of thermal solutions. We’ve worked in the industry for over 100 years; we’re knowledgeable and passionate about what we do to help your success.

Benefits of Federal Corp's Controls Configuration

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Maintain or enhance efficiency

Inefficiency can lead to larger problems down the road. If your controls system isn’t configured properly, it could be costing you time, money, and even safety.

Benefits of Federal Corp's Controls Configuration

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Ensure the lifetime of your controls

If you spend money on equipment, it should run its best and help improve your processes. Controls configuration makes sure that your equipment is reliable and long lasting.

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