Burner Management Support in Oklahoma

Burner Management Support

Effective, code compliant burner management support in Oklahoma at Federal Corp

We proudly manufacture all of our systems to NFPA 85 and 86 standards and compliance.

Our monitoring and burner management support includes small single burners, large multiple burner heaters, dehydrators, salt bath heaters, and pipleline heaters. Federal Corp offers support for our burner management systems so they work safely and efficiently for your needs.

What We Service

True Flame Safeguard

We offer the Honeywell RM7800 Family of Flame Safeguard Controls that include

  • FM listed and SIL-3 certified for the process
  • Electronic flame scanners—no more ‘burn-in’ issues
  • Safety shutoff valve proving sequencing “VPS” block and proof logic

Large Burner Management Systems

Our large burner management system includes a touch screen operator interface. This gives you the ability to control:

  • Integrated process temperature control
  • High temperature latching limit controller
  • Expanded alarm and diagnostics
  • Temperature process trends

Small Burner Management Systems

Federal Corp’s small burner management system support

  • Process temperature control
  • Expanded alarm and diagnostics
  • On-board real times and historical trends (30 days)
  • Wired, ethernet, wireless satellite or radio communication for remote interface
  • Safety valve and fuel train components

Every system has complete “On-Board” system diagnostics.

Federal Sells Solutions

Federal is more than just another supply house—we provide personalized solutions to meet your burner management support needs. Our hallmark since 1918 has been service and expertise both before and after the sale. We have long-standing relationships with the factories we represent, and we believe the equipment we offer is the very best in the industry. Contact our knowledgeable sales staff to find the solution that’s right for you.

In addition, our wholly-owned subsidiary, Federal Services, is ready to support you 24/7/365 with boiler controls and industrial burner management offerings. From installation and integration to optimization and inspection, our dedicated team has the experience and knowledge to keep your systems running at their peak performance.

Meet Federal Corp

Benefits of Federal Corp Burner Management Support

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Safety is our priority

Federal Corp is 100% safety oriented. We know our products and services are integral to safety, and we work hard to make sure that no one is harmed on our watch. We believe if you’re 1% off on safety, you’ve failed. We uphold these values with our burner management support.

Benefits of Federal Corp Burner Management Support

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Expertise and years of experience

The professionals at Federal Corp are experts in the field of thermal solutions. We have been in the business for over 100 years and are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about what we do to help our customers.

Benefits of Federal Corp Burner Management Support

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Enhanced visibility and monitoring

With advanced capabilities, you’re more aware of potential safety hazards, shutdown risks, maintenance issues, and more with a burner management system. Ensure you’re using the system to the fullest with support from Federal Corp.

Benefits of Federal Corp Burner Management Support

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Maintained or reduced expenses

A burner management system can help you maintain or reduce expenses by helping you keep your burner system running efficiently, detecting problems, and minimizing process interruptions.

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