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Sizing Gas Regulators and Meters

Choosing the right gas regulator for your application is critical and often difficult. Product application, gas service, BTU, location, pipe size, and required delivery pressure all influence the regulator selection process.

At Federal Corp, we understand the importance of using the appropriate regulators for each application.  Whether you’re in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, or a neighboring area, Federal Corp’s guide to gas regulators is a valuable tool that will aid in getting the right product for your application, with the most reliable results.

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Finding the Right Gas Regulator

Gas Regulator

Regulator Information

When sizing a gas regulator, the following must be known:

  • Available inlet pressure
  • Desired outlet (regulated) pressure
  • Required maximum flow rate (capacity) Btu/h, ft3/h or m3/h
  • Pipe size
  • Indoor or Outdoor Application

Gas Regulator

Additional Information

Other helpful info:

  • It’s also important to determine if the application requires:
    • Service Regulator (normally outside the building to convert “pounds to ounces”)
    • Line Regulator (frequently inside the building to reduce 2-5 psi to inches WC, and ventless)
    • Appliance Regulator (frequently furnished on an appliance, having max pressure of ½ psi)

With this information, you can contact Federal Corp and we can provide literature, quotes, and any accessories needed, including protectors, vent limiters, and relief valves.

Gas Meter

Sizing A Gas Meter

When sizing a gas meter, the following must be known:

  • Inlet gas pressure
  • Volume of flow

With these two pieces of information, one of the following a gas meters can be selected:

  • Diaphragm – normally used in residential/commercial applications up to 1000 CFH
  • Rotary- popular because of size, weight and ease of installation, used up to 800 – 56,000 CFH

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