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Delivering Petrochemical Boiler Products and Services to Suit Your Needs

Ensuring the smooth operation of petrochemical facilities demands top-tier equipment and diligent maintenance.

Count on Federal Corp’s extensive expertise to simplify the process of sourcing the most suitable thermal solutions. Whether you’re a government engineer, procurement specialist, or involved in any aspect of the industry, our team is committed to assisting you in maintaining the safety and efficiency of your boiler systems.

Products at Federal Corp

We take pride in our product offerings and maintain a carefully curated inventory to serve diverse industries, including hospitals. Our commitment extends beyond just products; we prioritize effective communication to keep you informed about lead times, potential delays, and other logistical details crucial for seamless operations.

Explore our comprehensive solutions for hospital facilities:

  1. Hot Water Boilers
  2. Steam Boilers (Firebox & Scotch Marine)
  3. Deaerator and Condensate Recovery Systems
  4. Pumps for Chilled Water, Hot Water, & Condensate Systems
  5. Steam System Components & Accessories

Services for Maintenance & Repair

We always recommend routine service and maintenance to maximize your dollar. Our experienced service team helps our customers towards success with our service options.

  • Boiler Maintenance & Repair
  • Controls Configuration
  • Equipment Selection
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Fuel Train Support
  • Pump Maintenance & Repair
  • Steam Trap Survey

Get Help With Your Boiler and Design Needs

Don’t hesitate to call Federal; we’re here to help! Learn more about our boiler room products and services.

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