Industrial Boiler Support in Oklahoma

Food Processing

Industrial Boiler Support for Food Processing.

At Federal Corporation, we understand the critical role that a functioning system plays in food processing facilities. Our expertise in natural gas and manufacturing facility experience allows us to provide specialized product recommendations and services for the food processing industry in Oklahoma.

Whether you’re looking for boiler maintenance, repair, or equipment selection, we’ve got you covered.

Products Offered at Federal Corp

We take pride in the products we carry and maintain a curated stock of inventory to meet the unique needs of food processing businesses. Here are some of the products and services we offer:

  1. Hot Water Boilers: We provide both condensing and non-condensing hot water boilers suitable for food processing applications.
  2. Steam Boilers: Our steam boilers are designed to meet the demands of food processing facilities. We offer firebox and Scotch Marine steam boilers.
  3. Deaerator and Condensate Recovery Systems: Efficiently manage condensate and recover heat with our systems.
  4. Pumps: From chilled water to hot water and condensate systems, we offer reliable pumps.
  5. Steam System Components & Accessories: Enhance your steam system with quality components.
  6. In-Stock Critical Spare Parts: Minimize downtime by having essential spare parts readily available.

Our range of services extends beyond product offerings. We’re committed to maximizing the lifetime of your equipment and ensuring smooth operations. Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Boiler Maintenance & Repair: Keep your boilers in optimal condition with our expert maintenance and repair services.
  • Controls Configuration: Fine-tune your system controls for efficiency and safety.
  • Equipment Selection: Rely on our expertise to choose the right equipment for your food processing facility.
  • Fuel Train Support: Ensure reliable fuel delivery and combustion.
  • Pump Maintenance & Repair: Maintain pump performance for consistent operation.
  • Steam Trap Survey: Identify and address steam trap issues.

Get Help With Your Boiler and Design Needs

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