Boiler Safety Inspection in Oklahoma

Emissions Testing & Safety Inspections

Keeping you running safely and up to industry standards.

Federal Corp provides emissions testing and boiler safety inspection in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and neighboring areas.

Because of the nature of thermal heat solutions, safety is the number one priority. Our experts will detect safety hazards, emission issues, and more with our services. We take these services seriously to ensure the safety of others. You can trust in Federal Corp for thorough, compliant testing and inspections.

How it Works


Our providers will check on bolts and valves to ensure that the system is not leaking methane gas.

Valve life cycles

We will check on your valves to see if they are past their use period. This period depends on the type of valve and its manufacturer.

NFPA and gap analysis

Federal Corp lives by National Fire Protection Agency protocols, specifically NFPA 85-87. We can analyze your plant’s process and identify safety issues in accordance with NFPA guidelines.

SIL for controls configuration

We will ensure that the processor on your controls device is up to the safety standard with Safety Instrumented Logic.

Boiler tuning for emission guidelines

If you’re using too much oxygen, it can increase your CO2 emission levels. Our expert team members makes sure you’re not using more oxygen than you need to and that you are following your state’s emission guidelines.

Stack Emissions Testing

Stack emissions testing measures pollutants released from industrial stacks to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. This process involves sampling at specific points using specialized equipment, analyzing collected samples in a lab, and comparing results against regulatory limits. Key pollutants measured include particulate matter, CO, SO2, NOx, VOCs, and heavy metals. Testing helps protect air quality, ensures regulatory compliance, improves operational efficiency, and safeguards public health by reducing harmful emissions.

Federal Sells Solutions

Federal is more than just another supply house in Oklahoma City. Our hallmark since 1918 has been service and expertise both before and after the sale.

We offer a variety of services through our subsidiary, Federal Services, LLC. With a dedicated team, a commitment to continuous training, and a focus on making our customers look good, Federal Corporation provides innovative solutions for steam trap testing in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and beyond.

Meet Federal Corp

Benefits of Emissions Testing & Safety Inspections With Federal Corp

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Prioritize safety

Federal Corp is 100% safety oriented. We know emissions testing and safety inspections are integral to safety. Our team is dedicated to make sure that no one is harmed on our watch. We believe if you’re 1% off on safety, you’ve failed.

Benefits of Emissions Testing & Safety Inspections With Federal Corp

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Expert service

The team at Federal Corp are highly trained experts in the field of thermal solutions, especially steam. We’ve worked in the industry for over 100 years and are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about what we do to help our customers and keep them safe. Our staff at every level has DISA certification, drug testing, and OSHA compliance.

Benefits of Emissions Testing & Safety Inspections With Federal Corp

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Monitor efficiency

If your system is operating inefficiently, it can cost you in more ways than one. Testing to make sure it’s running correctly without excess energy is important for safety, productivity, and the lifetime of your equipment.

Benefits of Emissions Testing & Safety Inspections With Federal Corp

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Stay up-to-date with mandates

If you’re mandated by the EPA, it is your duty to stay updated with your emissions testing & safety inspections. We’ll ensure that your equipment is safe and abiding by industry standards.

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