Boiler Company in Oklahoma

Founded April 23rd, 1918

Who We Are

More than just another pump and boiler company in Oklahoma City, our hallmark since 1918 has been service and expertise both before and after the sale.

Federal Corporation is a manufacturer representative and wholesale distributor serving Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and surrounding regions.


  • Bricktown at 120 East Main Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 11361 East 61st Street, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Solve our World’s Critical Thermal Problems through the Development of our People!.

We Sell Solutions - We make our customers look good!

We’re a team of problem solvers who don’t rest until our customers are satisfied. We wake up excited to improve the world, one challenge at a time. We not only have the technical knowledge, but also the ability to apply it to get real world results!

Servant Way - No one is harmed on our watch!

We do what’s right especially when no one’s watching/ We build relationships through consistent follow through of our commitments. Because of this dedication, customers call us first!

Continuous Improvement - Progress Not Perfection!

To thrive for over 105 years, resilience & innovation is in our make-up. We believe in limitless potential, and do not let our egos hold us back from our development. We see challenge as opportunities for personal & Team growth!

One Federal - No one is a Number!

There’s no “I” in sTEAM🙂. Our teammates treat everyone with mutual respect & understanding. We believe in the Golden Rule and give folks the benefit of the doubt. We enjoy working together to improve the world! Life’s too short

Be Open & Honest - Clarity is Kindness!

We face up to difficult truths, even when it makes us uncomfortable. Our teammates are open & honest with one another for the greater good. This transparency provides clear direction & builds trust!

Our Expertise

For more than 100 years, Federal Corporation has been an essential business, serving local plumbing and HVAC customers who keep our country going. We’re here, ready to serve you as you help others—no matter the obstacle.

Our History

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Over Four Generations

Over four generations, customers have told us that they do business with Federal because of our technical knowledge and commitment to service. Whether it is outfitting a whole mechanical room, assisting with a tough equipment problem, or delivering an urgently needed part through a snowstorm, Federal specializes in helping our customers solve challenging problems. Learn more about the roots of Federal Corp below.

Our History

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The founder of Federal, Louis Loeffler Sr., and his brother came to Oklahoma City in 1918 to establish the Federal Steam Specialties Company on invitation of a few architects and contractors they worked with. The 1920s were booming times as the young state was building county courthouses, governmental buildings, and factories. The 1930s brought the Great Depression, which forced many companies out of business and put a strain on Federal. Louis Loeffler Sr. passed away in 1941.

Our History

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During the 40s, two of the founder’s sons, Louis Jr. and Norman kept the doors open during the war. With the war effort commanding most steel products, the company diversified to sell whatever it could. After the war, the company greatly expanded in product depth and customer base, and built a larger staff. The brothers shaped the company to the foundation it is today from the 1950s through the 1970s.

Our History

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The third Loeffler generation was represented by Alan Loeffler, son of Louis Jr. Alan led the company starting in the 80s, when we opened the Tulsa office and began offering additional control products to our commercial and industrial customers. Through a strategic planning process in the early 2000s, the company refined its focus on hydronic, steam, and combustion equipment and controls.

Our History

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The fourth Loeffler generation was headed by Dan Loeffler, son of Alan starting in 2008. Dan came from a strong legal background, and in his 10 years of leadership he strengthened the company in its financial, accounting, and personnel areas. He also encouraged the company to use the internet to bring an online catalog and ordering capability to its customers. Additionally, Dan helped establish Federal Services LLC as a subsidiary. This specialized service group has brought industrial combustion control systems to a new level in the mid-stream gas industry and other industrial fields. His untimely death on April 2nd, 2018 left a legacy that we carry on today.

Our History

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Present Year

As we continue into the second century of our company, we strive to follow the commitments of our founder: technical excellence, perseverance, and honesty. We live by our motto: “We sell solutions.”

Work With Federal Corp

Career Opportunities


If you are a hard-working, customer-focused team player, and align with our core values, Federal Corporation may be the place for you to work and grow.

We welcome your interest in working with us and encourage you to send your resume to at any time.

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Technical Support

We specialize in helping our customers solve challenging problems. We can provide technical support for your most complex wet heat issues. Please call us at 1-800-289-3331.

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