Boiler Water Treatment – Tech Tip 4


Here are the three most important rules of taking care of boilers, chillers, and heat exchangers… in fact, any equipment:

1. Water treatment
2. Consistent water treatment
3. Monitored consistent water treatment

Get the picture? Nothing is more important to the efficiency, longevity and maintainability of your hydronic system than water treatment. Show us a system that is not treated and we know you will be spending a lot more on your energy bills and replacing the equipment long before it’s useful life should be over.

Did you realize that scale on a boiler tube the thickness of an eggshell will cost the owner about 10% more in fuel? But the thicker the scale becomes the quicker you lose efficiency, the loss is not linear. At a mere .20 of an inch your energy efficiency drops off 50%. In other words, scale about a ¼” thick will force your boiler to burn 50% more fuel to provide the same heating capacity as when it was brand new and clean. QUICK…call the water treatment experts!!!!!! It will cost you big bucks if you don’t treat your system.

In addition to the heat transfer surfaces, untreated systems will experience premature failures with pump seals, valve packing and piping corrosion. We can not stress it strongly enough, water treatment is an investment not an expense.

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