How to Order Parts for Valves, Pumps, Etc. – Tech Tip 25

More valuable time is wasted on both ends of the phone by not having complete and correct information when calling to check on repair parts. Here’re a few pointers on what is normally required to get the correct parts and where to typically find the information.

CONTROL VALVES…Most HVAC valves will have a brass tag on the neck of the valve. Sometimes it is under valve insulation. Remember to get the information off the actuator. Many of us have experience in “backtracking” into the control valve, but all the information you can collect will help us figure out what that tagless valve is.

PUMPS…Most pumps will have a nameplate mounted on the pump itself, usually near the top of the pump volute. Write down all the information off the tag, because we sometimes have to read between the lines. Frequently we are given the info off the motor on the pump. Nine times out of ten the motor info will not be of any help in identifying pump parts. The exception to the motor information is to make sure you have the Hp, voltage, rpm, phase and enclosure. If the tag is missing, measure the pump suction and discharge sizes and with the above motor info we can often figure a new pump.