Federal and Fulton are a Winning Combination


  • When Oklahoma City decided it was time to build a new Convention Center, they determined that it was in the best interests of the city to contract with Vicinity Energy (formerly Veolia Energy), to design, build, own and operate a brand new state-of-the-art hydronic heating plant.
  • When Vicinity began to develop a plan for the new heating plant, they researched exhaustively with both local boiler suppliers and their network of other nationwide plant operators to provide the facility with the best equipment.
  • After much discussion, Federal Corporation and Fulton Boiler were selected due to their superior design, rugged construction, advanced control features, award winning local support, competitive pricing and warranty terms. With the expertise of FSB engineering, Harrison-Orr Mechanical and countless other subcontractors, the plant was constructed and commissioned in October 2019. The new Fulton Boiler plant has been on line non-stop to prevent any construction delays due to cold weather.
  • The Fulton Endura+ boiler is quickly becoming the standard for excellence with models ranging up to a 12,000 mbh model. Call Federal Corporation for more information about Fulton boilers….and if you need a boiler quick, factory stock is available up to 6,000 mbh for immediate delivery.  For further information on the Fulton Endura, please go to Fulton.com.