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Boiler & Equipment Maintenance

The Federal Corp Promise

We promise to treat your equipment like our own.

If you purchase a boiler or boiler equipment from Federal, you can rest easy knowing that you have a 1 year warranty and ongoing support as needed for yourself or your contractor. Boilers and boiler equipment should be serviced every year, with large boilers maintained semi-annually or quarterly. Our professionals at Federal Corp are experts in burner tuning to ensure your boiler stands the test of time.

What We Do

Boiler inspection readiness

In order to maintain safety and properly service a boiler, our providers follow established procedures to prepare the boiler for inspection. This process can vary by boiler manufacturer; Federal Corp is knowledgeable and experienced to make sure this is done correctly.

Boiler tuning & repair

We use our experience and expertise to check on your boiler to make sure it is functioning properly and efficiently. Our professionals make repairs to ensure the safety and longevity of your boiler.

Safety systems testing

Team members check on the proper safety function through systems testing. This includes evaporation testing of low water cutoffs and accumulation testing of high pressure cutoffs.

Our boiler repair and maintenance experts also provide the following:

  • Control system installation
  • Flame safeguard repair, replacement, and installation
  • ASME Z21.21 fuel train tightness testing

Federal Sells Solutions

Federal is more than just another supply house—we provide personalized solutions and follow up to ensure your boiler & equipment is well maintained. Our hallmark since 1918 has been service and expertise both before and after the sale. We have long-standing relationships with the factories we represent, and we believe the equipment we offer is the very best in the industry. Contact our knowledgeable sales staff to find the solution that’s right for you.

In addition, our wholly-owned subsidiary, Federal Services, is ready to support you 24/7/365 with boiler controls and industrial burner management offerings. From installation and integration to optimization and inspection, our dedicated team has the experience and knowledge to keep your systems running at their peak performance.

Meet Federal Corp

Benefits of Boiler & Equipment Maintenance

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Ensure the boiler's lifetime

Preventative maintenance on a boiler to ensures that you get the maximum results from your boiler through a long lifespan. With annual, semi-annual, or quarterly service, you can find any problems, faulty parts, or anything else that would lead to big problems for the lifetime of the unit.

Benefits of Boiler & Equipment Maintenance

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Guarantee efficient operation

Sometimes a boiler can be working “fine” but that doesn’t mean it’s running as efficiently as it can. A check up can ensure that all parts are operating at maximum efficiency to ensure no energy is wasted.

Benefits of Boiler & Equipment Maintenance

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Maximize your dollar

With efficient operation is efficient spending. If a boiler is working harder to maintain regular efficiency, it can put a strain on your dollar. Routine maintenance certifies that you’re not overspending on your boiler unit.

Benefits of Boiler & Equipment Maintenance

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Safety is our priority

Federal Corp is 100% safety oriented. With our services, we work hard to make sure that no one is harmed on our watch. We believe if you’re 1% off on safety, you’ve failed. We uphold these values with our boiler repair near you, serving Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and nearby regions.

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